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Stand Up America was launched as a National initiative through L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. 1st. Our goal is to grow their message of “Standing Up” by encouraging people to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions and to not make excuses and blame others for their circumstances or situations.


We focus on five target areas which we call our pillars of the movement. They are: Community Empowerment, Youth Development, Business, Education, and Spiritual Leadership. Working together with various community organizations enhances the efforts that Stand Up America promotes to every community member. This ensures that through education and having accessibility to information, we are in fact providing the tools necessary to help tackle social ills.

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The 5 pillars of Stand Up Global

Stand Up Global operates with 5 different focuses that are called pillars



They say that the children of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. We agree, and so our initiative starts here. Today’s youth are our scouts, they are more intuitive and perceptive than many give them credit for; they are in the trenches and most affected by the poor decisions the adults in their lives might make. Our children face their own unique problems as well. The pressures that barrage them from Gangs, Violence, Drugs and Alcohol, Discrimination, Bullying, and a lack of Leadership can be too much for any sane adult to handle: let alone the developing minds of our youth. Hungry for real teaching and mentoring, children emulate the behavior of those around them. They are going to receive their education and mannerisms from somewhere: this could come from their parents, their teachers, their peers, or the media they consume. We recognize that we need to take an active role in the raising of those who will steer the ship when our time has passed. We could let these assertions paint a bleak picture, but we are about action and making a change. We are developing initiatives and curriculum to take into the schools that will empower the kids to: “Stand Up and Speak Out”. Stand Up America is searching for students who feel called to be ambassadors to their classmates. Students who will coordinate positive, mind-changing, events: spreading the culture that we can speak out against the bad we see in the world.


Who taught you that being in business was fun? Who mentored you and taught you about big dreams? Every business professional has had a mentor or two help guide them to their eventual success. For youth, looking and listening to business professionals especially those they can connect with provides them hope that a positive road lays ahead. We will work with key business leaders in various communities and provide that important bridge for our youth. By giving them the opportunity to engage with top leaders, this will help them to develop their own leadership skills and for some help realize the skills they thought were lacking. As we teach our youth to grow and develop these skills now, it helps to become stronger leaders for our future. 


It starts with the alphabet, then onto learning about colors and shapes. As our children grow, their minds expand yearning to be filled with knowledge. The educators in our children’s lives work diligently to fill it with the information needed to move onto the next grade. Sure, upon graduation of high school they are prepared to venture on to higher education. But what is being done to help educate and prepare them for what is outside and within their school walls. Many teens deal with the daily pressures of fitting in. Almost everything they choose to do they yearn for the approval of current and potential friends. Too afraid to say no in some cases, usually ends in horrific results. Our goal with the education of our youth is to teach them the tools to make wise decisions. We want to show them that they can be the ONE to not fall into peer pressure. That saying no does not always make you out to be the un-fun one. It only takes a pinky’s worth of courage to make your own choice and Stand Up for yourself and others around you.

Civil Authority

By building a relationship with local Authorities, we will build a stronger community connection. Law Enforcement’s role is impactful as they help reinforce the laws created to guide us. By working with them we continue the education of these laws to our youth and help them to understand and respect them. As a community we become an extension of the law and are setting an example for our children. Most importantly is the lesson they will learn about the consequences for their actions. National Pal is helping us to lead this partnership. With this organizations support we can continue to develop programs that will meet the needs of our children. 


In this world of uncertainty with crime, wars, and pain in which many people find comfort or strength in believing in a higher power or something outside of themselves. This is a way for our community of believers to be an example and trying to mentor our children to show them that it is very gratifying to help and support others. You are letting go of selfishness and being selfless. At the same time we are also teaching our youth acceptance and respect.

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